Lee Perry And Friends/Give Me Power

Label: Trojan
#: CDTRL 254
Press: UK
Genre: Roots
Release Date: 1988
Recording Date: 70-73
Producer: Lee Perry
Recording: Dynamic,Randy's
Musicians: who knows?
Tracks: 16
CD Bogus: none
Track Listing:
  1. Neville Grant/Sick Abd Tired
  2. Junior Byles/Rasta No Pickpocket
  3. Little Roy/Don't Cross The Nation
  4. The Stingers/Give Me Power
  5. King Iwah/Give Me Power,Version 2
  6. Leo Grapham&The Upsetters/News Flash Flashing Echo
  7. Lee Perry&The Upsetters/Justice To The People Verse 2
  8. Maxie Niney Scratch/Babylon's Burning
  9. The Upsetters/Ring Of Fire
  10. The Upsetters/The Thanks We Get
  11. The Upsetters/Dig Your Grave
  12. Max Romeo/Public Enemy Number One
  13. Dillinger&The Upsetters/Mid East Rock
  14. The Stingers/Forward Up
  15. Prince Django/Hot Tip
  16. Shenley Duffus/To Be A Lover